Cabbage Roll Soup

°15 ml (1 tbsp.) olive oil
°450 g (1 lb) semi-lean beef
°1 onion
°15 ml (1 tbsp.) garlic
°1/2 savoy cabbage, sliced
°1.5 L (6 c) beef broth
°125 ml (1/2 c) long-grain white rice
°1 can 540 ml diced tomatoes
°3 stalks of thyme
In saucepan, heat oil on medium heat. Cooking ground beef for 4 to 5 min, breaking up meat with wooden spoon, to it has lost its pink color.
Adding onion, garlic also cabbage. Cooking for 2 min.
Adding broth, rice, tomatoes also thyme. Bring to boil, then simmer on medium heat for 20 to 25 min

Enjoy !

10 Golden Rules for Healthy Eating and Activity
1. Start the Day with Breakfast
Starting the day with a good breakfast after a long sleep period gives our body the energy it needs throughout the day. A toast made of whole wheat flour, yogurt-fruit, muesli, oatmeal with milk or recommended by your dietitian is a good breakfast menu.

2. Increase Your Movement
30 minutes between your daily physical activities. Making time for exercise is not difficult at all. 10 minutes every hour while watching TV or doing your homework. You can separate and exercise. Instead of using a minibus or taxi to see your friend, you can complete a certain distance by walking, cycling or running. You can take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

3. Don’t Skip Meals
Snack is one of the meals that should not be skipped in order to maintain blood sugar balance and increase the metabolic rate. You can choose different foods from different food groups. A glass of semi-skimmed milk and a couple of crackers, an apple, oatmeal, or a yoghurt with a small fruit would be a healthy choice.

4. Balance Your Food Choices
If you can’t give up on hamburgers, french fries and ice cream, check how often you eat these foods. Because your body also needs to get protein, carbohydrate, fat and various vitamins and minerals from various foods such as Vitamin A-C, iron and calcium.

5. Spend Time With Your Friends and Family
Group activities with friends or family can be a lot of fun. Encourage your friends to do group exercise with you on the weekend. These can be activities such as cycling, basketball, walking together, volleyball.

6. Eat More Whole Foods, Fruits and Vegetables
While these foods give you energy, they also contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. Prefer whole wheat flour bread to white bread. Pasta belongs to the whole wheat rice grain group.

7. Participate in Physical Activities at School or Around You
Participate in physical activities practiced at school, at work, and in your community. Folklore can be group activities. These exercises increase both your school success and business success and make your body look better.

8. Foods Aren’t Good or Bad.
Organizing healthy eating is like playing a puzzle. Each food has different characteristics. Some foods may contain more fat, sugar or salt. Some do not have vitamins or fiber. It’s how you choose these foods that makes a diet good or bad. The balance in selection is very important.
For example; You can take care of consuming a menu of fatty foods at lunch and pass other meals lighter. However, be sure to stay within the recommended amount. If two slices of pizza are recommended, avoid the third slice.

9. Make Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Fun
You can make it an adventure by choosing healthy foods and doing physical activities that are right for you.

You can try new physical activities as well as new foods. Believe me, you will realize that you are stronger, you look better and you feel better. Have good goals in your life and never give up on them.

10. Pay Attention to Sleep Times
In order for the hormones to work correctly in your body, it is necessary to pay attention to the sleep hours. Sleep is one of the most important functions of human life. Good sleep improves one’s quality of life during the day. We should get up at 07:00 at the earliest and go to bed at 23:30 at the latest. If we wake up late, our digestive system will not work well and we will feel bad because the hormones of depression kick in.

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